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Who We Are

AGI is a global information technology and educational services company that is committed to provide the market with super quality services and products. Headquartered is in Egypt, AGI delivers powerful solutions and advanced technologies for IT services in many fields. AGI offers trainings, consultations, item banking services, online testing services, portals, enterprise applications, software development, and outsourcing services on a global basis.


AGI committed to provide the market with superior quality consulting, services, and products that enable momentous improvements to government’s and commercial organizations' value, efficiency and productivity, and to improve their competitiveness and increase their bottom-line


We aspire to be the most admired and valuable company in the world. Our goal is to be the company that best understands and satisfies customers’ demands

Our Products

Our product portfolio is the result of our extensive experience of implementing technology in the educational, financial and medical fields, including long-term relationships with customers. It is based on a strong commitment to research and development, as well as industry-wide standards, and addresses both customers’ business and technology demand. All Products

Our clients

AGI is a professional company in Egypt that serving all countries in the middle east. We can handle many complex things

Our partners

We’ve established a range of alliances to meet the needs of our diverse customer base with long term relationships with industry leading companies to deliver high value solutions to our domestic, regional and international customers

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