X-51 is a safe browser and students can download and use it to take online tests (if the test has been confirmed to be secured). X-51 has versions for Windows, Mac, IOS, and Android. Although it is not recommended, X-51 can work on mobiles.

Secure Browser

X51 is a secure browser that turns the computer temporarily into a secure workstation, and control the access to applications, system functions, and websites.


Students can easily move between questions, monitor their progress, bookmark questions to review later, and more.


A great feature that helps the student to take the exam without getting distracted even when network is down.

Students can easily download and install the secure browser X51 then whenever they have an exam they can login and X51 will redirect them to the test page where they can take the exam in a secured environment.

X51 is an easy-to-use secure browser where the students can see all the instruction they need to do the exam, Starting from moving between questions, bookmark a questions to review later, filtering questions based on answering status ...etc