Item Banking Management Platform

The Item Banking Management Platform (IBMP) or module is a flexible, efficient, and reliable tool that enables the management of the following processes: assessment framework creation and test blueprint design, item storage, item creation, editing, change tracking, smart item search and remote item writing as well. It also allows a bank owner to create a review workflow and define writing assignments to bank users. It also provides automation of test forms assembly using the search engine, the stored test blueprint, or specified criteria.

Building bank structure

IBMP allows users to build a hierarchal bank structure by creating categories and sub-categories where items will be saved

Editor is very powerful

IBMP has a very powerful text editor that supports different languages (English, French, Arabic, Chinese, etc.), mathematical equations, chemical formulas

Test Generation

Tests are assembled manually (by selecting items one-by-one) or automatically (by selecting TOS).

IBMP is an item banking system that manages the process of: item authoring, reviewing and test assembly.

IBMP supports item writing and reviewing processes. Item writing editor is very powerful editor that is compatible with Microsoft Office. You can use the equation editor or paste any of your items without missing a letter or symbol. It supports all languages supported by Microsoft Windows. It also supports all plugins installed on Microsoft Windows.