Intelligent Finiancial Package

is regarded for a wide ranging functionality which accommodates the demands of all traders and their personal trading strategies. iFP has a user-friendly front-end trading interface providing numerous technical features that support and facilitate all financial and accounting processes at any company. It has been designed with customizability features to fit within any organization or entity. In addition, it uses high security standards to grantee security of data.

IFP helps your organization in controlling inventory to reduce cost and defining reorder limit to keep items balance in warehouses. The following list shows some main features in IFP Inventory Control Module:-Defining multiple item groups.Defining detailed info for items data.Supporting multiple Unit of Measure (UOM) for each item.Defining multiple warehouse and allowed item groups in each warehouse.Controlling minimum, reorder, and maximum limit for each item in warehouses.Supporting multiple locations for each warehouse.Showing warehouse actual count and difference between IFP and actual report.Providing easy way to record received items, dispensing items, warehouse adjustment and transferring items from warehouse to others and from location to others inside warehouse

IFP helps your organization to manage your cash in safes and banks in easy way. The following list shows some main features in IFP Cash Management Module:-Defining multiple safes in each branch with different currencies.Managing cash in and out for each safe.Recording all bank accounts in your organization.Managing cash transfers in and out for each bank account.Following up notes receivables.Following up notes payables.Recording audit info with each transaction.Including all basic reports as Safe statement, Bank Statement, etc.Generating list of reports for treasury department in your organization.Generating list of analytical reports to help decision makers.