It is a Product Management Platform that automates and organizes the relationship between product owners, promoters, and merchants in real-time which enables momentum improvements to organizations. It is accessible wherever your users work, it brings together best-in-class capabilities for product management operations with advanced reporting and analytics. It enables organizations to apply a strategic approach to their business-critical needs while saving time and money. It has been developed for and used by FRANKE-Egypt.

User-friendly and easy-to-use interface

That help you analyze any test data in a few minutes.

Developed for researchers and educators

Who become bored from using expensive general-use statistical packages and want to finish their work in few minutes

Extracts your data file

Into very informative easy-to-understand reports about the quality of the items and the test.

Analysis Reports

It also reports the performance of the test takers. It handles small to middle scale datasets.

Squid provides simple dashboards view to keep cheacking sales process and the user can also filter these dashboards in specific time.

squid has a wide variety of reports on traders' performance, sales and purchase rates, rate of change, rate of price plan change, markets stock reports.