2 Jun

Arish exam for the final test

arish university

The Measurement and Evaluation Center at Al-Arish University extends its sincere thanks and appreciation to the Advanced Group for Information Technology AGI and the company’s engineers for the technical support The outstanding student presented to the university during the end-of-semester exams of the second semester 2022/2021

22 Jun

For the first time in faculty of dental in Suez canal

Suez canal

Mandour confirms: College. Pharmacy....Veterinary...Nursing...Faculty of Arts...Convenes exams for university requirements electronically We work with two systems Gourmet under the supervision of the university and MKCL under the supervision of the Supreme Council of Universities Soon the completion of the operation of the electronic testing lab.

11 Mar

The first e-test

Suez Canal university

For the first time at Suez Canal University, the first e-test for the first year was held, using the testing management platform, Assessment Gourmet platform, from AGI.

28 Oct

A training workshop

Zagazig University

The Measurement and Evaluation Center at Zagazig University offered a training workshop on building item-banks

17 Oct

Smart CU is an integrated system for exams in more than one language.

Cairo University

Dr. Mohamed Othman Elkhosht, President of Cairo University, said: Assessment Gourmet is a system for Creating question banks.

15 Oct

Learn about the Cairo University system for electronic exams.

Cairo University

Dr. Mohamed Othman Elkhosht, President of Cairo University, said that the comprehensive system for assessment, Assessment Gourmet.

17 Oct

Abdel Ghaffar and Al-Khasht witness the first successful trial of the smart educational platform

Cairo University

Cairo University conducted the first successful experiment at the Faculty of Regional and Urban Planning, to teach through the smart educational platform .

18 Aug

For the first time in Helwan Nursing, e-exams for the final test

Helwan university

The Faculty of Nursing is the first faculty at Helwan University to conduct e-tests for the final tests using Assessment Gourmet.

22 Mar

Quality Assurance Center

Helwan University

Helwan University was interested in e-tests early, establishing a Quality Assurance Center, whose role was to provide e-testing services for all Colleges in addition to standardized tests for the University students

1 Jul

A project to develop national examinations

Pre-Education-Unicef India

support of UNICIEF. The American Institutes of Research AIR worked. In a project to develop national choices for all Indian states

22 Apr

Question banks at the Faculty of Medicine

Beni Suef University

The Faculty of Medicine at Beni Suef University is concerned with the development of the academic staff in the light of the directions of the Supreme Council of Universities

22 Apr

Experience of e-Marking of 10th-grade exams at the Oman

MOE Oman

The Sultanate of Oman is very interested in education and achieving the highest international standards. They were also interested in converting the Grade 10 manual marking system to the digital System

2 May

IRT Pro Workshop

Advanced Group for Information Technology

As a continuation of the group’s journey in providing training services and building cadres, AGI has the honor to invite researchers in the Arab Republic of Egypt and the Arab world to attend a workshop entitled “Individual Response Theory: Theory and Application Using IRTPro” from 21-24 March 2015 at the Intercontinental Hotel City Stars, Cairo.

15 Jan

MoE bahreain organizes a workshop on building and designing tests

MoE bahreain

Under the patronage of the Minister of Education Majid Ali Al-Nuaimi, the IIB system question banks project team organized a workshop on 'Building and Designing Tests'