A project to develop national examinations for pre-university education-unicef india

On: 1 Jul 2019

Under the umbrella and support of UNICIEF. The American Institutes of Research AIR worked. In a project to develop national choices for all Indian states based on the use of question banks and the formation of test images and their application on paper to students. Pre-university education. Then analyze the results using theoretical models. Response to the single. The project management has chosen the IBMP question banks system. Because of its characteristics that meet all the needs of the project and the ability of the system to work.

In conditions of weak internet, the advanced group of information technology was presented. Web hosting services with training. Where the team traveled. From specialists to train specialists in the Ministry of Education in the item on building banks. Questions are written and reviewed by multiple teams in different states. And configure. Test images and print them. The teachers and mentors were able to use the items. The system successfully built national exams in more than 10 courses. In English and Hindi languages. The system has shown high efficiency. And he did. The technical support team makes great efforts to build human capacity and provide support. Remote technician for the ministry's work team since July 2019 until now