Experience of e-Marking of 10th-grade exams at the Oman

On: 22 Apr 2016

The Sultanate of Oman is very interested in education and achieving the highest international standards. They were also interested in converting the Grade 10 manual marking system to the digital System (On-Screen Marking), whereby students 'answers to the final test questions are scanned, and the raters mark the essay questions on an electronic system; each question is marked by 2 raters.

The MoE has asked the Advanced Group for Information Technology (AGI) to pilot the Assessment Gourmet OSM module in scoring a sample of answer sheets (714 students) from 10th in the governorates of Muscat and Al-Kharigia. The result of the experiment was promising, as it was committed to achieving all tasks according to the predetermined time plan while maintaining quality control procedures that ensure the accuracy of the work. The evaluation of the raters and supervisors on the efficiency of the System was high (98.25%). AGI is working with MoE on a complete supply project