Quality Assurance Center, Helwan University

On: 22 Mar 2019

Helwan University was interested in e-tests early, establishing a Quality Assurance Center, whose role was to provide e-testing services for all Colleges in addition to standardized tests for the University students. After examining many of the software available in the local and international market, the Center chose to purchase the first edition of the Assessment Gourmet (On-Campus CBT Module, and it has been updated to the second version in 2020) to provide the e-tests.

AGI's team and The Centers' experts worked in collaboration to support the Center's mission so that it was able to apply the first unified e-test to measure learning outcomes at the university level. The success story of the Helwan University Center is one of the distinguished stories, as the e-testing System achieved great success with the testimony of the academic staff and students.